About the Guy

Hello! I’m Sarah, otherwise known as the Happy Bookaholic. I like to read (WHO KNEW?), write, and do a whole lot of other stuff pertaining to literature and the written work, for example sing, dance, talk and eat. WOW. That really pertained to literature and written work. Well done, Sarah.

Here at this blog I’ll be randomly posting stuff when I feel like it, which could range from once every day to once every four months. My feelings are not to be depended on. I like to use caps-lock when I’m shouting or being sarcastic, and I like to add parenthetical thoughts (because I’m a brackets/parentheses sort of guy). And of course italics, because I’m like Emily Byrd Starr. Ok that’s too much. As you can tell I ramble a lot so try to get used to it. Feel free to leave your feedback and/or opinion in the comments section.


(Nah I’m not that mean.)


(See this is what I mean by caps and brackets)

OR DIE (anyway everyone will eventually die so why not just follow?)

This is not making any sense.

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