Concerning the Author

Hey. Thanks for stopping by this minuscule patch of the Internet to see the thoughts and ramblings of a girl still exploring life.

I started this blog about two years ago just to post little scribblings and thoughts that came into my head, but soon put it aside because of the myriad other activities going on in my world. I think I’m back now, but who can really say?

I used to post random things about books I love and other writings I did, but over the past year so much has happened in my life that I feel I need to share with the world, and this is my little outlet to it. I believe I have changed so much through what I went through, and learnt much more. Somehow I want to fashion these thoughts into coherent sentences so that a few others can learn what I have. (Of course I don’t think I’ll delete everything else I’ve posted before. That can remain for memory’s sake, I suppose.)

Please feel free to browse through, and if you have any thoughts do leave a comment! I crave affirmation and validation like the words-centric person I am, so that might help give me motivation to post more regularly if I see that someone is reading and enjoying.





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