Writing Endeavours

Happy New Year! (Oh look we’re four days in already. Well, better late than never I guess?)

I started Grade 11 today. It looks as if this’ll turn out to be a hectic academic year, what with Chinese O Levels and Higher Chinese O Levels and trying to actually get all my work submitted on time and with good grades at the end of it all. But with all this stuff taking up time of day, I’ve also made it a priority this year to write every day. That’s right.

In order to hone my craft, I’m going to start actually writing every day. Not just scribbling casual speak in my journal, but rather actually trying to create a new picture every single day, whether it be narrative or descriptive, paragraph or entire story. I could take my inspiration from a Pinterest prompt or just a word that I find provoking. Anything. As long as words flow. Practice makes perfect, so they say. Well, time to work that out.

I’ll post whatever I’ve written whenever I think this ole blog needs some fresh air, and I’ll always put the day. Some stuff might be rotten rubbish while others might be literary goldmines. I’m just practising. I’m just trying to develop a skill, a habit.

I hope you enjoy my scribbles.


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