Writing Endeavours: Day 1

Day 1: Describe your own hands.

The back was a light brown, and in the intersection between the palm and the wrist was a plethora of tiny brown scars. If you looked closely you could see the greenish veins running smoothly up to the fingers and branching out at the knuckles. More scars—these ones pale pink with a soft brown edging around in uneven rings. On the index finger was a streak of ink that made one wonder at the owner’s carelessness in brandishing a pen. Under each nail bed of each finger, the skin gave the appearance of being minorly bruised and peeling; the nails themselves cut down, without any trace of decoration or polish. The base of the middle finger was slightly darkened and indented by the nib of a pen, as could also be seen by the inkstain on the fingerprint area. The side of the fourth finger also gave testament to the pen’s hold—another reddened indentation under the nail, where the pen rested. Beneath the thumbnail was another mark, this one a tiny brown scab that looked as if it would flake off in the next two days. Drawing down from there was a white raised diagonal scar, from more than seven years ago.

On the other side the fortune-teller lines carved out an abstract twisting letter M, but otherwise the palm had not worked out any callouses. There was nothing else save more scratches of ink, and the natural creases that cut across each finger joint.


Day 1 complete. And yes, my hands are very scarred because they used to have this eczema thing which is now gone (hallelujah), but with its scarred remains. I also have no idea how my pen draws so much on my hand, leaving ink all over the place. But oh well; makes for a more interesting description.


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