why can’t ostriches fly?

i looked at the sky and heard birds cry
and i wondered why
ostriches can’t fly

who cares if they’re big and heavy
surely they want to carry
themselves in skies when weary

but all they can do is run
endlessly they just run
it doesn’t even seem fun

so why couldn’t God sing
and help the ostrich’s whims
and give that huge bird wings

wings that would help it soar
above the clouds and more
what was God waiting for

but they can run well
and they run pell-mell
and it’s all swell

so they gave up the dream of flight
since it wasn’t in God’s sight
and in that their hearts were light

sometimes i wonder
was God asunder
in making me did he blunder

i can’t dance or draw
i can’t run nor can i soar
i’m not coordinated at all

but there are so many more things
i can write and (passably) sing
who needs the other wings

so i release those dreams
up to God, it seems
and at me he beams

well done, child
it took you a while
but you’ve found your style

the next time i see
an ostrich look at me
i’ll remember this fancy

For some reason not capitalising looked cool so I ditched a rule for once and went with my poetic feel (which again seems to me a load of rubbish). But seriously? Why can’t ostriches fly? Hmm…maybe I’m losing my mind but oh well. There I go again, pretending to be a poet when I’m just a rubbish writer.

By the way saying that I could write was not referring to poems, so I’m not that egoistical. 🙂



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