First Draft Jubilee and Woes


I finished my first draft.


Okay actually I finished it on September 10, which was a long time ago. But still. I finished it!!! Now I’m in the process of editing the 50,000+ words manuscript and so far it’s okay lah. But I need to add a whole lotta stuff to make it a PROPER book and not a load of trash. (In my opinion at this stage it’s still better than that horrible local YA zombie book, but that’s not my standard.)

Unfortunately I have to cut scenes and write new scenes. Some scenes are really really deliciously wonderful (Sometimes I wonder how I can be a writer with those terrible adverbs and adjectives, but trust me. I don’t ACTUALLY write my literature like that.) but others have no bearing on my plot whatsoever. However, I do love my characters and to date I’ve had two dreams about them. That is serious stuff, hey. Actually DREAMING about my stuff. No awesome new ideas or plot twists to incorporate, though, but dreams are cool. (Sometimes massively annoying, though…) (Sorry about all the parentheses.)

The wonderful part is that I’m FINISHED. FINISHED. And actually I was supposed to go all out and have a treat at McDonalds with Vanessa (my best friend yeah) and partake of a mudpie mcflurry and a mocha frappé. (Oh boy am I greedy or what?) By the way it’s pronounced “frah-pay” and not any other thing. The other day at McDonalds I heard some guy call it a “frair-pee” and I laughed. It’s French, people. (Ballet term as well, but that’s a side note.) Unfortunately there’s the hideous terrible haze pervading our island with crazy high PSI levels of 150-200. (I don’t get school closed for me, though. Unfairness! And school kids think I’m the free one? Okay that’s a bit untruthful lah because I am free :)) So anyway about the haze. It’s affecting my nose and making it all clogged and hard to breathe out of, so ice-cream now would not be a wise thing, you know? Oh well. Maybe when I finish my second draft?

The sad part is that I don’t really have a clue how to edit, which is why I need beta readers! (Actually I don’t even know what an alpha reader is if there is even such thing this is just a term I found on Pinterest) I already have a few people who have expressed interest (more like desperation for me to hurry up finish so she can read it) in reading my work of art. Actually I don’t even KNOW whether it’s good or not. I’m kinda biased, see.

The other sad part is that I am a student. So I can’t like DEVOTE MY ENTIRE LIFE TO WRITING. No. For goodness’ sake no, and that’s so sad. I have to do schoolwork and do assignments, such as writing research papers and doing current events and studying for history tests (okay I finished the history test already lah). So who says homeschoolers are so free? (Yes, I actually am very free compared to everyone else. But I still have work okay? And Chinese. CHINESE NOOO *dies* I HAVE TO TAKE HIGHER CHINESE NEXT YEAR AND SOME WEIRD VIDEO THING FOR THE ORAL) Anyway what I was trying to say was that I don’t have my whole day free for writing. The happy thing is that I just finished a Charles Dickens research paper and a critical book review on a Charles Dickens book. I honestly had so much fun doing that because I do love Dickens. He’s one of my favourite authors. And plus every time I finish big projects like these I always feel SO clever and proud of myself. Big-time ego problem? Yes. Don’t even wonder at the fact that after I typed the last word of my draft, I exploded and flew around the house screaming that I had finished. Then I vandalised one whole page of my journal in huge caps screaming on paper that I was finished. Don’t scorn it. When you finish writing a book you’ll be happy too.

So now I’m working on additions. Don’t disturb me!! (Just kidding disturb me whenever. I’m very easily distracted. With food especially. Ahhh I love food.) And can someone tell me what the authentic pronunciation of the name Jael is? (Don’t tell me it’s Jail. I KNOW it’s not Jail. More like Yale because Hebrew, you know?)


6 thoughts on “First Draft Jubilee and Woes

  1. Excuse me! Why are you ASKING FOR BETA READERS??? I had to practically get down on my knees and BEG you to let me read your book! And now you are OFFERING to let OTHERS read it? No ma’am. Not gonna fly. This is only your first and half draft and you weren’t even going to let me read it till the second draft except that I bothered you enough that you gave in. YOU said it wasn’t fit for human consumption. YOU said you weren’t going to let anyone read it until the second draft. (And I have the whole conversation saved in my computer if you need a visual reminder of all this.) So yeah you don’t get to do that.

    Also, if you want ice cream, there’s less haze over here (sorta) and you come sit in my kitchen and eat ice cream . . . or at least chocolate . . .


    1. Sure sure sure I’ll email you the first chapter when I’m back from my holiday kay? And I’m so sorry I never replied to your email…I would love to read and edit your story as well 🙂


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