If Shadows Fail Me

credits| pinterest

If shadows fail me — two-D, mindless shades of black
— well, if even they do.
The world must have gone mad.
And what of that?

If the shadows fall on the wrong side
Or successfully disobey the light
I think fear will strike because that will mean
Nature has failed its own laws.

If the tide hearkens not to Lady Moon
Scoffs. Says, “Who are you to order my movements?”
The earth is reliable no more and
I can trust nothing, no one.

If the tree’s leaves turn colours
At the wrong times:
Red in spring, green in winter just to rebel…
How can man trust his own fallible mind?

If all these cycles fail and cease to perform–
And they certainly will,
What of us?
What can we hold to?


Or is that necessarily true?
Is there more to rely on than just Gaia?


If shadows fail me–
If the tide hearkens not–
If the tree’s leaves rebel–
He will never fail.

He is the same: yesterday, today and forever.


And that, my friends, is irony. Because just yesterday I scorned free verse poets for breaking prose up into unrhymed and unmetred lines and then calling it poetry. Ironically, here I am today, typing out free verse just because it looks nicer in lines of four (well, generally lines of four. I’m even worse than some free poets.) and because it kind of looks poetic. Though what poetic really means is up to the individual.

Anyway I did have fun typing that. My inspiration is from nowhere. I was just bored so I wanted to blog something. Then I typed into the title box: If Shadows Fail, so it’s obviously a poem. And I can’t rhyme stuff without sounding cheesy, lame or forced. So there. I hope you didn’t laugh at my attempt which might STILL sound cheesy, lame or forced. And if it does sound that way, just think about how bad it would have been had I tried to rhyme.


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