Rain, and other thoughts

It’s raining, and I just love that. Because honestly, unless the rain is causing a major traffic jam or just getting you soaked because you didn’t have an umbrella, doesn’t everyone love rain? Especially in Singapore.

Rain makes me feel all poetic and artsy. Which is rather scary because poetry from me is hideous and incredibly lame. It all sounds so forced, which is why the last time I tried to write a poem it ended up being blank verse or free verse (forget it I can’t remember which one has metre and which doesn’t). The irony there is starkly evident because I hate poets who call themselves poets when what they write doesn’t rhyme. Like how does breaking prose up into lines aligned centre make it poetry? So I don’t write poems.

On the other hand, feeling artsy is a wholly different thing, because I actually CAN write prose better than how I tie shoelaces or other everyday stuff. At least that’s what I’ve been told. So I write. And yesterday I was inspired enough by the rain so as to write a very short story revolving around that SG50 McDonalds vanilla cone promo. If possible I’ll post it up on Sunday for National Day. It’s a bit of a damper because of its moroseness, but hey, some sadness amidst the jubilant celebrations might be nice. (Seriously what am I talking about??) Anyway all my stories are like that. All dark and gloomy and morose, which might explain why the rain calls me.

I’ve been working on the first draft of my novel, and it actually seems to be getting somewhere. I know it’s really disgusting at parts, but I continually am reminding myself that it is only the first draft. I just need to get the basic storyline down on paper, and then after that I’ll do major editing. So far I’m still harbouring that hope of success, that one day I’ll finish it and show it to the world.

This post has actually been a rather sad one, considering that I’m the Happy Bookaholic. Well, it must be the rain affecting my mood. Not that it makes me sad. I’m really a very happy guy (yes, GUY as in gúy not guy) but every now and then taking a step back to think serious thoughts is great. Especially because this morning I felt like killing people. But that, my friends, is another story which I would prefer not to tell.


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